HERA JRP Cultural Encounters Conference

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 30 September – 1 October 2013

The HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area) Joint Research Programme (JRP) Cultural Encounters Conference brings together consortiums of project Leaders, principal Investigators and associated (non-academic) partners to meet with members of the HERA network, evaluation panel members, previously funded HERA project leaders and humanities research policy makers. The event features networking opportunities and will include presentations from all eighteen projects awarded funding under the HERA JRP Cultural Encounters programme and knowledge exchange with previously funded HERA project leaders.



17:00 | Welcome to HERA programme

Dr. Eucharia Meehan, Irish Research Council

The role of the HERA partners and the HERA handling agency

Conversation with Citizen Kane

Networking of the HERA projects. A conversation with Citizen Kane

1 OCTOBER 2013

9:00 | Welcome

Prof. Sean Ryder, Irish Research Council, Chair of the HERA JRP Board

9:15 | Panel A: Encounters inside and beyond Europe

Prof. Sally Munt (University of Sussex)


Prof. Regina Lee Blaszczyk, University of Leeds (UK)

The Enterprise of Culture: International Structures and Connections in the Fashion Industry since 1945

Prof. Christiane Brosius, University of Heidelberg (Germany)

Creating the ‘New’ Asian Woman: Entanglements of Urban Space, Cultural Encounters and Gendered Identities in Shanghai and Delhi

Prof. Charles Burnett, University of London (UK)

Encounters with Orient in Early Modern Scholarship

Prof. Corinne Hofman, Leiden University (Netherlands)

Caribbean Connections: Cultural Encounters in a New World Setting

Prof. Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly, University of Oxford (UK)

Marrying Cultures: Queens Consort and European Identities, 1500-1800

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10:15 | Panel B: War, Media and Europe

Prof. John Caughie (University of Glasgow)


Dr. Santanu Das, King’s College London (UK)

Cultural Exchange in a Time of Global Conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Belligerents during the First World War

Prof. Golo Foellmer, Martin Luther University (Germany)

Transnational Radio Encounters: Mediations in Nationality, Identity and Community through Radio

Prof. Andrew Higson, University of York (UK)

Mediating Cultural Encounters through European Screens

Prof. Oliver Janz, Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)

Making War, Mapping Europe: Militarised Cultural Encounters


11:30 | Panel C: Religious and Moral Encounters

Prof. Joyce Goggin (University of Amsterdam)


Prof. Carol Hagemann-White, University of Osnabrück (Germany)

Cultural Encounters in Interventions against Violence

Prof. Volkhard Krech, Ruhr Universität Bochum (Germany)

Iconic Religion: How Imaginaries of Religious Encounter Structure Urban Space

Dr. Fiona McCallum, University of St. Andrews (UK)

Defining and Identifying Middle Eastern Christian Communities in Europe

Prof. Ramon Sarró, University of Oxford (UK)

Currents of Faith, Places of History: Connections, Moral Circumscriptions and World-Making in the Atlantic Space


12:20 | "Planning for Knowledge Exchange"

Pat Kane Writer and Musician (UK)


Dr. Mark Llewellyn AHRC, HERA JRP Board, Chair of the HERA Knowledge Exchange Commitee (UK)
Prof. Walter Pohl, Austrian Academy of Sciences (Austria)

Cultural memory and the resources of the past, 400-1000 AD

Prof. Jo Sofaer, University of Southampton (UK)

Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe

Prof. Jeremy Till, Central Saint Martins (UK)

Security and creativity in the built environment

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14:30 | Panel D: Art, Literature and Music

Prof. Andreas Dorschel, (University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz)


Prof. Ian Armit, University of Bradford (UK)

Encounters and Transformations in Iron Age Europe

Prof. Joris van Eijnatten, Utrecht University (Netherlands)

Asymmetrical Encounters: E-humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, 1815-1992

Prof. Graham Huggan, University of Leeds (UK)

Arctic Encounters: Contemporary Travel Writing in the European High North

Prof. Vjera Katalinic, Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (Croatia)

Music Migrations in the Early Modern Age: The Meeting of the European East, West and South

Dr. Henriette Partzsche, University of St. Andrews (UK)

Travelling Texts, 1790-1914: The Transnational Reception of Women’s Writing at the Fringes of Europe


16:00 | "Learning from Experience: Reflections from the HERA JRP – Cultural Dynamics: Inheritance and Identity and Humanities as a Source of Creativity and Innovation"

Dr. Jon Holm (Research Council of Norway)


Dr. Karina Grömer, Natural History Museum, Vienna (Austria)

Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe

Prof. Scott Rettberg, University of Bergen (Norway)

Electronic Literature as a model of Creativity and Innovation in Practice

Prof. Charlotte Roueche, Kings College London (UK)

Sharing Ancient Wisdoms: Exploring the Tradition of Greek and Arabic Wisdom Literatures

Prof. Tony Whyton, University of Salford (UK)

Rhythm changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identity


17:00 | "Closing Remarks and Event Overview"

Mr. Robert Burmanjer, DG Research, European Commission
Prof. Sean Ryder, Irish Research Council, Chair of the HERA JRP Board

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